Moving Day

Like my actual home, there’s still some mess to be dealt with and some things I’m not going to bother with.

(I have a tendency to link to past posts and those links didn’t change to the new blog. I’m not going to go back through 800 plus posts to correct them all.)

Oh, and I started make myself at home while I was still writing here, so some recent comments did not make the transition.

But I’m going to be writing over on Take 2 now.

Please go over and make yourself at home. I changed the sideboard a little and updated the blogroll (If I missed you, please let me know.)

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Merry What-ever you want.

We are in the new house and scrambling to make cooking a possibility.  Hubby is working hard as a cart-horse.

I wanted to take 5 mins. to point anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to go read both Garrison Keillor’s attack against non-Christians celebrating Christmas and while I’ve seen a few responses, I appreciate Friendly Atheist‘s.

“I celebrate a secular, federally-recognized holiday on December 25th involving an evergreen tree, Santa, the spirit of giving, and family. I call that holiday Christmas.”

And I”m back to trying to find places to put all our stuff….Do we really need to acquire more “things” this week?

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I can’t resist

While sorting and packing like crazy, my husband posted this:

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