Summer plans

Well, the boys are gone and Girl is busy. And I should be either cleaning this place up or packing (ugh) but it’s much more fun to fiddle on the computer.

So, what are our summer plans? It’s called jumping back into our life (back home) with 2 feet.

The week we get back there’s the homeschool group’s June swim party that I’ve already mentioned, and then on Wednesday, Boy will be heading off to Purdue (University) for a 3 day 4H workshop for high schoolers. It’s Ambassader Workshop, or something like that, and who knows what they are going to be doing. He’ll live in a dorm and get a taste of being at a college.

Either when I drive him up or back, I’ll need to stop at the Tandy store in Indy (Indianapolis) for supplies for the following Monday. When I’ll be starting to teach a 3-day leathercarving workshop (multiple small classes over all or part of each day) for the 4H kids in my county. I’ve done the 4H homeschooled kids before, but the agent asked me to open them up for anyone in the county. Did I ever mention that my house and all it’s stuff is packed up in storage? (including all my leather stuff)

At this point we’ll be in a 3 week run up to Fair. That means we’ll be spending all of our time doing the paperwork that needs to be finished by the end of June and then putting together the displays that the kids will turn in.

Boy is fairly easy. At this point he mostly does the photography project (Level 3, advanced) and possible collections. With all the pictures he’s taken this year, we’ll just be printing and mounting the best. This pic from Gettyburg went to State last year and won a blue. State Fair B&W I expect that he’d like to do it again.

Girl, OTH, doesn’t like to make it easy. And while she will be doing the work, I often get put into the overseer position of checking and helping what she’s up to. She’s already gone through the fair book and here’s her current list of what she’s doing:

  • Wildlife, grade 6 – The paperwork is fairly easy, a workbook to complete. The display is a poster of either good and bad habitats or physical adaptations. In both cases she needs to cover 3 different animals native to Indiana. This is the project that she’s personally invested in. She’s won it for the last 3 years at the county level and wants to keep it going. I think she’s leaning toward doing habitats.
  • Weather, grade 6 – She’s already done the workbook for this level (it is the same as last year), so I’m not sure what additional paperwork is needed. The display is another poster, this one reporting on something from a list of choices. She’s hasn’t told me what hers will be, but I think she’s leaning toward cloud formation or weather phenomena.
  • Photography, level 2 – Her first year at this level. This project has no real paperwork thankfully. She’ll have 5 different possible projects and most likely will try to have a display in each. It’s the first year she’ll be able to do the 8×10 salon print and I know she’s excited about it. This is often her weakest project, but she’s also taken a lot of pictures this year, so hopefully she’ll find some good ones to print.
  • Gift Wrapping, division 2 – She needs to wrap a cylinder in a gift sack. I hate gift sacks and have no idea what the formal method is to wrap a cylinder in one. If anyone wants to give us a link with directions, I know she’ll be very appreciative. The paperwork is just documenting that she’s wrapped some minimum number of things during the year.
  • Foods, grade 6 – The paperwork on this one takes the most time. The workbook has multiple choices of activities, but she has to do at least 3 of them, each from a different section. What she’s to turn in at fair is 6 no-yeast pretzels. A good friend has a recipe that works real well, but finding time to bake them on the day before fair will not be easy.
  • Collections, level 2 – The paperwork for this one can be time consuming because she’ll need to document the value and how long she’s had each piece of the collection. I think she plans on resubmitting her smashed penny collection. As long as she keeps adding to it, she can do that.
  • Arts and Crafts – This is a catch-all project and the kids can submit up to 10 things in different areas. Paperwork is fairly simple. I think her plans include:
    • Leatherwork, advanced – She wants to make this custom case for holding colored pencils that we saw in a shop. It has a slot for each pencil and then rolls up and ties closed. Tandy doesn’t sell a kit, so she’ll need to start by designing her own pattern.
    • Jewelry, intermediate – We have stuff to do wire-wrapping and she’s said that she wants to make something.
    • Legos, advanced – At this level she’ll need to make a diorama display. She’s really unsure if she wants to bother, so this is a maybe.

There’s also an open show at fair and I’m hoping to submit some of the pictures that I’ve taken this year as well as make and submit a purse (that my mil requested) . We’ll see if I get to it.

Once we get through fair, the next big thing is going to Atlanta for Nationals in Magic, the Gathering. Boy qualified in a local scholarship tournament (called JSS) and will be competing. He has a $500 college scholarship from the local tournament and will be playing for up to $10,000 in scholarship money at Nationals. Needless to say, any free time that he has between getting home and the end of July will be spent at the local card store trying to improve his game. It’s a long shot, but someone has got to do it.

Once we leave Atlanta, it’ll be time to head to western NY. Hubby’s siblings are up there (Niagara Falls and Rochester) and his folks spend their summers up there as well. I’d like to also get down to my step-sister’s place in the Southern Tier as well, but time will be limited.

Because once we get home, the kids and I will be heading to my sister’s place in Maryland. She has only 1 week all summer where she’ll ‘only’ be teaching a class or two and so when we can go there will be rigid. But it’ll be great to see her and play with the horses for a week. A cousin from Boston is also planning on coming down while we’re there.

And by the time we get back home it’ll be time to start thinking about academics again. Did I mention that my house is packed up in boxes?

Of course, fitted in and around all of this will be nearly daily jumps in the pool and hanging out with friends. Also, while it’s still up in the air, we may be picking up a foreign exchange student sometime in August.

You’d think after being gone for 10 months, we’d have an easy summer to unpack and settle in. HAH.

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2 Responses to Summer plans

  1. Steph says:

    It looks like a busy and creative summer is ahead for all of you. :-)

  2. Jo says:

    Thank you again for going to the zoo with us. It was great to have someone to hang out with and talk to today especially after this past week and the coming one.

    Have I said enough that I will miss you? :)