Well, I’m home.

I’d have to say this was about the worst flying experiences I’ve ever had. About the only thing that could have topped it (and I’m not looking to top it) would have been if we crashed. And I nearly thought we were going to at one point on the way home.

11 hours each way (plus a night sleeping in Spokane before driving to L’s house) ended up being 23 hours going (yeah, the plane from Minnieapolis ran late and then my bag was the absolute last one off a full plane of returning FFA kids) and 16 hours coming back. Remember, I said that driving was only 27? Grrrr.PA310065

Poor Hubby. When the plane was expected to land at 10 PM, he had told me he’d pick me up so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hour drive and parking. Instead we landed at 12:30 AM and didn’t reach home until 2 AM, and he had to be up before 8 and chair some meeting.

The trip home I made my connection only running 20 mins behind (it was a 70 min. layover), so that was fine. They loaded the plane and taxied out.

Then turned around and returned to the gate because the electric starter on one of the motors wouldn’t start. Okay, fair enough. They anticipated that it would take about 45 mins to replace it. We could get off, so I went and got a soda and a candy bar.PA300045

After about 35 mins. went by and they didn’t reboard the plane, I went and asked. ‘Well, it’s taking a little longer, but shouldn’t be too much longer.’ I went ahead and got back on. Another 30/40 mins go by, and then a bunch of people get on saying that they were told only a few more mins. Nothing.

Another 30 mins, or so, and they finally announce that the starter is replaced (Yeah) and they just have some paperwork to do and then we’ll be on our way. After 20 mins. they come back with ‘the paperwork is finished but the mechanics are ‘discussing’ some bolt.’

Finally we taxi away from the gate and take off.


It was a very smooth flight until about the halfway point. Suddenly, the plane did one of those drops. But instead of the typical announcement – ‘return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, cabin crew sit down, etc.’ – They add in an additional ‘ Please make sure your seltbelts are secured’ My first thought was about that bolt they had been discussing. No Fun.

Anyway, I’m home. I’m happy that I went for L. I did get to see her kids (long story, but I haven’t even spoken to them since about the time Boy was born), and meet their kids (I’m a Great Aunt!)

PA300064North-west Montana is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to taking the kids back for a visit. And getting to see a moose! We did see wild big-horned sheep while I was there and lots of deer in L’s yard. Here’s the only shot I was able to get of them. My nephew pulled into the driveway as I went out to try to get their pictures.

My kids were able to carve their pumpkins and show Tochter how to do hers. And they went trick-or-treating without me for the first time.

PA270020They took Tochter out in an old clown costume that we have laying around. She had never gone before. I haven’t seen the picture of her yet, but here are Boy and Girl from our homeschool party that was last Friday. Girl was a gothic cat and Boy was just some scary evil-looking thing.

Since I’m putting up some pictures, here’s another one of what it’s been looking like around here. PA240011

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4 Responses to Well, I’m home.

  1. Steph says:

    Welcome back! Your pictures are incredible.

  2. What an ordeal! But I’m glad you had a good time. Those pictures really are beautiful.

  3. Meg L. says:

    Thanks. The pictures don’t really do the area justice.

    I missed some absolutely spectacular shots because when we took my nephew’s kids home (3 hours north of my sister) I didn’t ask her to stop the car to let me snap some, (assuming we’d be going home the same way) and then we came back a different route.

    There are a few more shots in the flicker sidebar.

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