I hate colds


I was fighting it over the weekend as we dropped Boy off and it never got bad, but since we’ve been home it’s just rolled right over me.

I can barely talk and spent last night doing more coughing than sleeping.

On the flip side, since I have NO energy to actually get any of the zillion things done that I need to, I have finally (just now) gotten caught up on reading blog posts.  Not that I’ve been giving them much attention.

The word on Boy is that the first day of classes (today) went well.  Of course, all he had was Calculus – so it shouldn’t be too tough.

He is happy because he got all the classes he wanted – Calculus, Physics I, Intro to Philosophy, Macroeconomics, and the freshman seminar called Views of Time.  He is also doing an apprenticeship with the student newspaper looking ahead to getting hired there as a photographer.

He also tried out for the fall drama performances yesterday and it waiting to see if he gets called back.  He did a comedic monologue for the initial try-out and one of the directors was laughing during it.  (they provided the material, so the directors must have already been familiar with it)  Getting a part will be a long shot, but at least his foot’s in the door.

No, he is not hanging back and not getting involved in things.  It’s fun talking to him (nearly everyday it seems) about what he’s getting into and what he thinks about it.

We have had a few snafus, but nothing directly connected with college life.

The primarly one has been dealing with setting up his bank account with Bank of America – a bank that I have never had a lot of positive feelings for.  He went with BoA because they have an ATM on campus and because since they do not have any banking centers in Indiana, they weren’t going to charge any fees.  He had two choices for accounts – a student account that required him to go into a banking center with his student ID to verify his status and a regular account.  Now which one would you choose?

He choose a regular account. When he set it up last week, they indicated that it would take a week to get going and sent him an ATM card – okay, that’s doable.  Now, a week later, they are saying that they need to confirm his identity and so he needs to bring two forms of ID into a banking center before they can finish opening up the account – and of course, while there are banking center in Texas – he doesn’t have transportation to get off campus to them…

After he spoke to them, he had me call…there’s no way around it.  BUT they can now sign him up for a student account and contact Trinity to verify his status.  Why they couldn’t have said that from the beginning is beyond me.  Of course that means another week before he’ll have full access to cash – of course he’s in a dorm, on a meal plan, and does have some in his pocket.

The secondary snafu has taken what little energy I’ve had the last two days.  He just registered yesterday morning and so rather than buying his books in the university bookstore, we ordered him used copies.  We had to do it because of his continued banking hassles…

And on other fronts,  Girls seems to be enjoying taking one class at the high school.  She’s made a couple of friends, and seems to be enjoying the class – though she’s not working very hard for it – surprise, surprise.

I also got all the supplies ordered for biology this year.  Happily, enough of the families went ahead and paid for the entire year, so I was able to purchase all the supplies and save on shipping costs.  Next week will be our first lab and it’s an outside population study, so I hope the weather holds.

And lost in the shuffle, Hubby and I celebrated our 19th anniversary last Tuesday.  (I was feeling better that day.) We just went out to dinner, but it was nice making time for just ourselves.

And my hot tea is ready and Girl just brought home the next Harris vampire novel, so I’m out of here.

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4 Responses to I hate colds

  1. jove says:

    As I understand it BoA is a big bank. So presumably they have a grasp of the basic ideas of running a business. I’m not a banker, nor do I have a qualification in marketing, but it seems to me that if you have a bank machine on a university campus, a lot of people are going to want to open accounts. And since they all arrive at a predictable time each year, you would think they would send a couple of staff over to the campus and set up a temporary “banking centre” for a couple of weeks. That way new students could get new accounts, students with accounts could ask any questions and do anything they needed to do. And… Is this rocket science? In the UK, the banks seem to work on the principle that the student market is going to turn into some lucrative high-earning people one day and that it is worth giving them free overdrafts, welcome gifts, and lots of support to get their business (I got a leather FiloFax from them one year). Sheesh.

    Glad to hear the biology thing is moving along smoothly so far. And that you got to have a date with your husband. Enjoy the tea and book. And look after yourself. The only cure for a cold is rest and fluids so the tea and book routine looks like your priority for the next day or so.

  2. Teresa says:

    Happy anniversary!! We just celebrated our 19th on the 19th too…whoa, what coincidences!

    Your son certainly is jumping in with both feet; that is so wonderful! I keep worrying that my ds is so introverted, he won’t get a good social life at U (of course, it’s a few more years to go to U and his teen years may turn him around).

    Have a good rest, and hope you’ll be all better soon!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    I saw your note on TribeOfAutodidact about the virtual dissection links. Could you sahre some of those links with me. I only have the froguts one. I’m not against the real stuff, but my younger two are.


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