It appears to be official

The question that has haunted home education since the beginning appears to finally have a definitive answer…

It is….


Both Mirriam-Webster and Yahoo Dictionary agree.

HT: SNS news

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5 Responses to It appears to be official

  1. jove says:

    Which only means that it is commonly used that way. Most people have very strange notions of how dictionaries are compiled, thinking that they are policing the use of language. In fact, dictionaries record the use of language.

  2. Meg says:

    Aye, but it at least answers the question of whether it’s home school or homeschool.

    At least the common usage is homeschool, hence the question is answered.

  3. I agree. I is one word. It should “officially” be one word!

    The American Heritage Dictionary also lists it as one word:

    Homeschool – One Word or Two?”

  4. Kim says:

    Livejournal sees homeschool as a misspelling and one of the “corrections” it offers is “homicidal.”

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