This is too funny not to post

you see, my mil will enjoy this comic.

Think of me as Dewey and her as the library patron…but I say yes

and since we’re here, we had a wonderful Christmas.  I gave Hubby a new stand for his TV (and put it together because in our house, nearly all projects that involve building things -are mine.  He gets any and all chemical projects, which I think is fair.)  I took me a while to find what I wanted – large enough to hold his TV, and all the assorted boxes that goes with it,  taller than normal to be visible over his computer, and lighter weight.  The only thing missing are wheels – he puts his TV in front of a storage closest that I occasionally need to get it.

He got me a new sewing machine. My old one that I sewed all this and this on, isn’t too old, but it’s suppose to self-thread.  HA!  After 5 years of listening to me fuss at it, he decided a new one was called for.   I’m looking forward to find a project to do on it.

The kids got the usually odd and ends of stuff and I think I FINALLY found a dog toy that Hunter can’t destroy in an hour – it’s made from fire hose and both squeakers are still working.  She usually gets the squeakers within an hour and cracks tennis balls in an afternoon.  Fool mutt.

And I’m back off to enjoying my family.

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4 Responses to This is too funny not to post

  1. your mil says:

    I find this comic very funny, and anyone who knows you and I, knows how appropo it is. Since you’ve graciously loaded my GPS, my books on my palm pilot, my books on my computer and easily half my electronic equipment, you’re my electronic librarian of choice! And yes, that would be me at the library desk, blindly looking for electronic assistance………………

  2. jove says:

    If that TV stand isn’t already full of heavy things you could buy some heavy duty casters with wheels and screw them into the bottom. Make sure that they are sturdy enough to take the weight.

    New sewing machine sounds nice.

  3. Teresa says:

    I’d love a new sewing machine too, but can’t justify it considering I sew about 10 times a year, if that. :}

    You’re handy. I rarely put together furniture on my own…on the other hand, I’m the expert Transformer toy transformer in the house. Not sure how that happened.

  4. Love the cartoon, and I agree that I’ve never seen a self-threading sewing machine that wasn’t really frustrating. Have fun with the new one.