It’s Mother’s Day!!

And I haven’t seen my family all day!

Though I’ve spoken to Hubby and Girl today and Boy last night.

So, I’m sitting in a hotel in eastern Dallas tonight after covering about 500 miles today.  I probably could have gone farther but when I head south, it gets pretty empty and I really don’t need to be in San Antonio until the evening on Monday anyway. 

Today was suppose to be through pouring rain and flash floods based on what I saw on the weather channel, but I only saw some heavy drizzle so I have no complaints.

OTH, my 8 year old mini-van decided to develop a new problem today and had me very worried for awhile.  Luckily T’s husband is a car mechanic and he didn’t mind fielding my phone car and doing a little research on a Sunday evening.  Thank you, Thank you.

Mid-afternoon I noticed that the clock on my dash wasn’t working – okay – then when I stopped later, I realized that neither the remote lock/unlock on my keyfob nor the key in the door was working (except in that case, it worked on the door it was in, but not all of them).  I figured it was an electrical problem, but had no idea if it was a “urgent, when you run down the battery the car won’t start” problem or something minor that could wait until I was home. 

After talking to T (the husband in this case) he was able to determine it was the integration relay (I think he called it) and while annoying, it won’t leave me stranded somewhere with a dead car.  With my father’s tendency to buy old clunkers, I have a deep seated dislike of being stranded with a dead car in the middle of nowhere.  (The other reason I was happy to stop in Dallas for the night – since at that point I didn’t know what the problem was and figured if I was spending tomorrow morning getting it fixed, it would be easier here.)

I checked a few books on tape out of our library before this trip and finished Water for Elephants today – They are working, at least that one did.  (I then started Bolyen Inheritance and I’m giving up on that one.)  Anyway, I really enjoyed Water for Elephants.  It’s the third book by that author I’ve read – the other two are very horsey books about Olympic level showing.  My sister had gotten me the first two books and I went looking for more.  I’ve got two more books on tape left, but I don’t know if I’ll try one tomorrow or wait until Boy and I am driving back to start another one. 

And in the tone of Mother’s Day I have to share this quote of my son’s (the lover of all things Star Wars, who couldn’t understand his mother’s love of Star Trek): “….has discovered that being away from his Mother makes things she likes more cool. (Star Trek)”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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One Response to It’s Mother’s Day!!

  1. christine says:

    My old car has electrical issues, first it was the clock, then the keyless entry, then the locks, now the turn signals, then I finally got the hubby to give in on a new vehicle. Now we just need to get rid of the darn thing.

    Hoping you have a safe trip!