There will be some regrets

Back at the beginning of the month I talked about why I’m excited about the new house.

And I am certainly looking forward to getting into it.


Like any change, there will be things that I will miss about this place.

1. This house has easy access into a nature preserve.  And we use it as our ‘playground’ nearly every day.  The new house is on the edge of it’s subdivision and right across the backyard is a cornfield.  But while I certainly plan on walking along it, I just don’t see it as pleasant as wandering through the woods.

2. This house has an enclosed porch with storm windows to make it into a comfortable 3 season room.

In fact, if we leave the sliding door open and put a little space heater out there it is comfortable on most winter days.  In addition to using the space for labs, storm watching, and being able to read outside without being eaten by bugs; we also use it for the cats’ litter trays (there’s a cat door so they have access) and a place to stick animals when we don’t want them to have the run of the house (we close the cat door).

The new house has a front porch and a back deck, but that still leaves us in need of a place for the animals.  The current plan is to enclose the third bay of the garage into a mudroom sort of space, but until that is completed we’re going to need to be creative.

3.  While this house is on a slab and doesn’t have an attic to speak of, it does have closets all over the place.  After 10 years of living here, I have worked out a fairly easy (for me) system of where I have things stored.    While I’m hoping to clear out some of the stuff we have squirreled away, I am not looking forward to getting used to a new storage system for our ‘stuff’.

4. This house is a ranch and the main living spaces are fairly open.  And we’ve certainly gotten used to that fact.  So while the kids played D&D Friday night in the livingroom, I can sit at my computer in the ‘longroom’ and not be on top of the kids, but be fully aware of what they are up to.  In fact the only way not to be aware of what’s going on in the common areas is to be down in one of the bedrooms.

Now the kids don’t really need that level of supervision, but I’m using it as an example of how our current ‘spaces’ get used.  The new house has a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen on the first level.  And then the great room is on the second floor.

So I start wondering, will we all tend to congregate in the great room, leaving the downstairs mostly unused empty space, or will we spread out and not even be aware of what other people are up to?

OTH, I’m still looking forward to moving into the new house.

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One Response to There will be some regrets

  1. Lynne says:

    Ooh, yeah, number one was hard to get past. Lovely view, that.

    I keep having twinges every time I drive back into our old neighborhood, the huge yards, the fancy houses, the Intracoastal, the lack of traffic, the quiet… We must be crazy, I think, until I start remembering the majority of crabby old neighbors who would rather fill in the community pool than refurbish it and who want to reinstate and enforce deed restrictions (can’t wait for the fight against flat-roofed houses with the newest neighbor whose 3 million dollar home is still under construction), the constant driving, the gray baby powder that passes for soil and constantly dusted every inch of our house… There was a reason we were looking to move.

    No regrets!
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