Thirty Empty Pages

And with a final hectic day’s squeeze, I made it. NaBloWriMo is hereby history.

Getting in my posts for the last couple of days has been tight since we made an overnight trip up to Chicago to see Young Frankenstein and then go shopping.

But today took the cat’s meow because in between picking the dog up from the kennel, picking up kitty litter (because we were completely OUT and it would be a long stretch to have Hubby pick it up while I’m gone. ), and working a half day; I took my van in to have it’s brake’s checked (and then worked on.)

For the last couple of weeks they’ve felt a little off and then while we were in Chicago they started making that high pitched squealing noise.  With heading to Indy tomorrow morning I wanted them checked.

$$$  and nearly 4 hours later it turns out my brake drums had serious leaks that did nasty things to the brakes themselves.  Dealing with it royally screwed with my day since I was working from 11:00 to 3:30.  So they spent nearly 2 hours bright and early this morning tracking down the problem and then I went back after work to have them fix it.

So it’s 10 PM and I’m finally on to blogging.  Then I’ll need to pack because tomorrow I’m heading down to San Antonio to see Boy’s drama performance.

I do have to say that this experiment has been a success, so I plan on continuing to blog regularly (though in the near future, between travel and then packing, how regularly that will be is open to guesses. )

I did see a December book project that Kris is doing, and I think I may try to give it a shot.  I’m not on Twitter, so I’ll probably post on here and then have the posts carry over to Facebook.

If you like books, here’s the basic instructions:

1. Choose ONE book for each day, December 1 – 24. This could be a book of your own, one by a colleague, or a special book that you love.
2. Write a short plug for the book including a good link, and post it.
3.  Feel free to pass this along to others who might want to play.

And I’ll even make one small modification, here’s the list of books that I’ve read this year.  If something on that list interests you, leave me a comment and I’ll use that as one of my books (even if I think it’s a bomb, I’ll tell you why.)

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2 Responses to Thirty Empty Pages

  1. Lynne says:

    Well done, Meg! I didn’t make it with the lack of internet during the move for a few days, but it got me back in the habit, so I’m thinking the whole enterprise was a success.
    Lynne´s last blog ..Safeguarding Marriage… My ComLuv Profile

  2. Teresa says:

    Woohoo!! Way to go blogging every day! Even NaNoWriMo isn’t that hard because I could go for days without writing (and then try and catch up on days when I do feel like it). :)
    Teresa´s last blog ..I got style – Kiss My Style, that is! My ComLuv Profile