Merry What-ever you want.

We are in the new house and scrambling to make cooking a possibility.  Hubby is working hard as a cart-horse.

I wanted to take 5 mins. to point anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to go read both Garrison Keillor’s attack against non-Christians celebrating Christmas and while I’ve seen a few responses, I appreciate Friendly Atheist‘s.

“I celebrate a secular, federally-recognized holiday on December 25th involving an evergreen tree, Santa, the spirit of giving, and family. I call that holiday Christmas.”

And I”m back to trying to find places to put all our stuff….Do we really need to acquire more “things” this week?

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4 Responses to Merry What-ever you want.

  1. Lynne says:

    Happy housewarming and happy new year, Meg!
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  2. mamagames says:

    Thanks for sharing this… I had heard about the Keillor article but hadn’t seen Friendly Atheist’s response yet. I appreciate that take on it, and the “Krismas” movement (Kris Kringle is the reason for the season) too.
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  3. Liese4 says:

    Sigh, I just winced while reading his article, it’s offensive to me (and I’m a Christian.)

    Just know that he is not the only voice for Christ (thank goodness) out there.

    Have a happy December 25th with friends and family. We’re all alone up here in Colorado, but we’ll have a fun, quiet (who am I kidding?) day with just us (and maybe Mr. Sherlock Holmes too.)

  4. I didn’t read the articles you linked to, but the origins of Christmas are eclectic — as much “pagan” as Christian. We call it Christ’s Mass, but many, if not most traditions stem from pre-Christian religions. And the spirit of generosity and family togetherness is certainly not something Christians (or members of any other group) have a trademark on!

    As Liese said, Keillor is not the only voice for Christ out there. I believe most Christians are of the live and let live variety (I think this is true of other religions, and of agnostics and atheists as well). Unfortunately, it’s often the judgmental, obnoxious ones that get heard. Such is life.

    Happy holidays, Meg, and happy housewarming! I wish you and your famil all the best.
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